The New Hot (and Sweet) Thing

black and yellow bee's knees graphic

Crown Pizza is full of flavor and full of surprises. So in a year marked with new menu additions, new extras, new faces, and even an all NEW PLACE in Katy, we’re ending the year 2022 with yet another plus-one. Crown Pizza’s new specialty pizza is the new, hot thing and it’s sweet as honey.

hot honey pizza bees knees poster

With sliced spicy cherry peppers and onions, a bounty of aged pepperoni, our three cheese blend, and a basil pesto base, our newest pizza has a little kick. Crown’s authentic Neapolitan oven cooks this thin crust pie to perfection and then we top it off with a drizzle of chile-infused honey. It’s so sweet-meets-heat and yummy, it’s not just the new hot thing. It’s the Bee’s Knees!


close up of hot honey pepperoni


Hot honey is a unique, sweet and spicy punch that has been a trending flavor for the past several years, but it’s a dynamic flavor that has to have the right partners. Our Bee’s Knees pizza combines a mouthwatering cheese blend and basil pesto for a sensational, savory taste. The pepperoni makes a great dance partner for the candy-sweet honey drizzled on top. And those onions and cherry peppers are expertly sliced, diced, and spaced out as to give the right amount of sting without overtaking the flavor of the pie.

Bee's Knees honey graphic

Our guests love the flavor combination and tell us that they haven’t tasted anything quite like it before. From our Beaumont original Crown Pizza to our new Katy location, we continue to hear raving reviews of how surprisingly superb each bite tastes and how fitting of a name: the Bee’s Knees.

Chef Alden Pond added a lot this year. First it was our beloved, velvety smooth Stanislaus tomato sauce. Then it was wings. Wonderful chicken wings. Then it was four more flavors of wings!

And then it was rich, creamy cannoli for dessert. Next, Alden found a way to improve the consistency of the crust with a touch of technique and a masterful blend of spices, seasonings, and olive oil. All of this made for wonderful timing for his take on Buffalo chicken pizza, the Buffa-WHOA!—made with hand-tossed and sauced chicken, peppers, blue cheese and bacon crumbles.

Then he and Chrystal Hebert Lundy added a couple of new appetizers with cheesy garlic bread sticks and Italian meatballs. Now these newbies are already as popular as our golden standards of our giant pretzels and fried mozzarella (Golden Triangles)!

Recently, Pond brought back the popular Chopped Italian Salad with an inspired, house-made Italian Lemon Vinaigrette dressing. So from appetizers to desserts, Crown Pizza has seen a royal rise.

And now, just as we conclude a full, fun year, we have our all new hot honey and basil pesto pepperoni pizza. Alden and his team of creative cooks like Austin Dial and Lundy and team turned a concept into a culinary delight. It’s fresh. It’s delish. It’s hot, it’s cool, it’s exciting. It’s the Bee’s Knees!

Try this special today and savor the flavor of sweet and heat all in one. It’s not on the menu yet, so ask for it by name and enjoy!


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