All New Website

The momentum continues at Crown Pizza! We are so excited to share our all new website, complete with online ordering and a convenient menu, photos, and more.

Crown Pizza burst onto the pizza scene almost ten years ago and has continued a legacy of creative, craft pizzas. With our small, sweet shop made out of a converted industrial storage container, we looked different than everybody else and we cooked differently than everybody else.

And now we have a digital presence unlike anybody else.

The new Crown site offers newcomers a little more story to get acquainted with all that we’ve got going on. Through photos, descriptions, and highlights—along with some news and even videos—our new website is built to inform and engage Crown newbies. It’s also made to be engaging for return visitors who just want to check out the menu, see what’s new, and, YES—order online quickly and easily!

“Our new site puts convenience in the hands of the customer,” says Lance LaRue, the lead designer and the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With a user-friendly, mobile-friendly site, we’ll be giving consumers flexibility and speed for ordering online, but also just for getting to know us better and having fun with our brand.”

The new website offers insights, commentary, stories, news, and more. The site has a featured pizza from season to season, a small gallery, and links to view videos and related properties.

“Consumer shopping behavior is important to us, and we want to meet them where they are. And we know the web, social media…it’s where they live. But we don’t want customers to have hurdles through social media pages and menus…we want to make it easier for them to browse and build their orders. Plus, with our new brand roll-out, the website gives us a home base to get to know our brand,” says Dallon James, owner and CEO.

The new website comes on the heels of new branding aesthetics, new menu items added (like our wings and chocolate chip-dipped cannolis), and our kick off at Taste of the Triangle food expo where our new wings made their first public display. Not even fully on the menu yet, we brought in a few new flavors and wings to share to the crowd, and everything was well received.

The website also follows in line with a continued momentum with Crown Pizza’s new ownership, new leadership team including our new executive chef and VP of Operations, Alden Pond, and our new logo and branding refresh.

“We hear first-timers all the time say that this is the best pizza they’ve ever had, but they’re just now finding us or trying us. Or they didn’t know how to order or how to get to us. Well, this is one of those things that helps our visibility and accessibility,” says Pond. “And this is just the start to many more fun things to come with Crown.”

Check out our site and scroll, browse, and play in our new online kingdom. Taste the best of Neapolitan style pizza in the heart of Beaumont, and see why we say CROWN RULES!