about crown pizza
about crown pizza


It all starts with a few key ingredients to really get to know Crown Pizza:

  • A hand-crafted oven from Naples, Italy
  • House-made sauces and original recipes
  • Funky and fresh flavors so wild they’re wonderful
  • A relentless pursuit of fun, innovation, and local love
  • Our original restaurant-shaped industrial storage container

Yep, that’s the home of the most spectacular gourmet pizza in all the kingdom—Crown Pizza.

It all began in 2014 with a delicious desire for thin crust, authentic, artistic, Neapolitan-style pizza…where each bite tastes out-of-this-world, right in the heart of our hard-working, blue-collar, beloved Beaumont, Texas. 

We set out to be different, fun, and extraordinary.

And we’ve done just that with smiles all around and some fun creations and surprises along the way.



With our high-quality dough, house-made sauces, spices, and crafty recipes, Crown continues to make friends and fans who are looking for something special in awesome, artisanal pizzas.

Our passion for pizza is easy to see in the process. Diners in our restaurant get an up-close view at our royal pizza bakers making fresh pies and sliding it into our big, beautiful, authentic Italian oven.

With super fun toppings like pesto, ricotta, cilantro, boudin, cheeseburger and fries (with mustard), and more, it’s no longer an appetite; it’s an ADVENTURE.

And word has spread! We’ve been featured in Texas Monthly’s dining guide, named BEST PIZZA in Beaumont, and we’ve been listed as a Top 10 Pizza Joints Not to Miss! from entertainment magazine, Wide Open Country. Just to name a couple…

about crown pizza
about crown pizza
about crown pizza
about crown pizza
“Every East Texan knows about Crown Pizza.
The unique menu offer pizza like you’ve never had anywhere else...”
WideOpenCountry.com - 10 Best Places to Get Pizza in Texas
about crown pizza
Italian Oven, Craft Pizza

Crown Pizza set the tone for specialty pizzas in Southeast Texas as the original craft pizza of Beaumont. Crown was the first to offer a new perspective on pizzas with our Neapolitan style pizzas and breathtaking, beautiful thin crust in a unique atmosphere. The brilliant colors of fresh, extra-special ingredients make each pizza a work of art.

The Creative Punch

Creativity is at our core. Our pizzas are chef-driven innovation. Crown set the bar for introducing wild, one-of-a-kind concoctions like our BBQ Yard Bird (made with Texas-style BBQ sauce, grilled chicken breast, onion straws, fresh cilantro, and more) and our Shangri La (made with grilled Brussels sprouts, basil pesto, prosciutto, and more). We pride ourselves on bringing a mix of all things funky, quirky, quality, and even classic together for a taste that’s royally delicious.

The Royal Treatment

Our philosophy is that pizza doesn’t have to be just pizza. Why not make it special? We offer an artistic approach and a luscious litany of flavors to make things exciting, adventurous, and extra special. We top things off with fresh spinach leaves, arugula, chives, and fries. Even our classics like our pepperoni, three cheese pizza, and Margherita pizzas have an elevated taste, texture, and experience that adds the royal touch to make it ROYALLY GOOD!

about crown pizza
about crown pizza
about crown pizza


in store

Small space, big taste!  Our restaurant is quirky, funky, and quite literally an industrial storage container. All the romance is built inside with the swirling aroma of fresh sauce, freshly baked pizza pies, and majestic vegetables and herbs.

And, ohhh the cheese! This melty magnificence makes every decadent bite of pizza perfection taste extra special.

As our new ownership took over in 2021, Crown has seen an explosion of delicious momentum.

We’ve continued the superior tastes and precision of pizza-making while mixing in some new fun. With the addition of our crispy, savory wings and cannoli (and new pizzas!), Crown fans enjoy all sorts of fantastic flavors.

Crown Pizza is here for online orders, take-out, and dining in. Plus, we offer Door Dash, ASAP and Favor for delivery.

And that’s just a bite of the fun and excitement in store!

See here for more of what Crown has to offer, but this—you’ve gotta try!

One bite and you’ll see why Crown RULES!

about crown pizza
about crown pizza
about crown pizza